Pardon our Stardust – A #GenBlue Transformation


So many folks asked us “what is Gen Blue” or “what were you doing last week in Hollywood?” 

So in a few moments, I’ll explain what is Gen Blue, but first lets talk “transformation.” We’re all always on a journey and “transformation” within our work and personal lives. Whether its through age, improvement, or however our life guides us.

So the week of October 6th-8th we were in Hollywood for the Coldwell Banker Conference, Gen Blue. And every morning, I went for a walk and while I was out, I saw this sign at Universal Studios on their main street. There’s a lot of construction going on and it got me thinking …


A sign on my walk at Universal Studios

It reminded me of our commitment to ourselves and improving how we work and how we think. This year has been a lot of change for us, both in business and personal. Some great, some bad, but a lot of learning did happen.

Aren’t we all in “transformation” always? We can either be pro-active to being better or waiting on the sidelines waiting to see what comes to us. I prefer the pro-active approach in our transformation to awesomeville.


Left: 10/17/13: Right: Current – This past year Steve and I have lost over 90+ pounds each.

So enter Gen Blue, as it’s been part of our “transformation” for our business and personal life.


So why do we look so happy and refreshed? It’s because we just got back from the most amazing conference ever, wait … scratch that, it’s not a conference, it’s an experience. The Coldwell Banker #GenBlue experience. I’ll cover our “transformation,” Gen Blue, and a break down of the awesome event that is Gen Blue (in a deliberate action to create jealousy).


If you’re a Coldwell Banker agent, you might be feeling down and sad seeing all the great pictures going through Facebook and Twitter, and yes it was THAT good. No exaggeration, no baloney, it was incredible. See all that was posted with the #GenBlue hashtag on Twitter. And if you’re with Coldwell Banker join this group


“Why didn’t you go?” I get it … As an agent, or as a parent … it’s never easy leaving town, ever. Heck, it’s really hard to leave town just for a few hours in our line of work. I get the reasons “why you can’t go” … We’re always “on” as real estate agents. We’re always at our clients phone call need or a drive away from an inspection at the drop of a hat, fielding follow-up calls on showing, taking client calls, taking agent calls on feedback, buyer inquiries on listings … the list goes on … it’s hard, but we love it … And is it worth the trouble to go to Gen Blue? You bet! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


So if you’re not familiar with #GenBlue, here’s what it is: it’s an action-packed, three days of learning, inspiration, and entertainment put on by our parent company Coldwell Banker LLC, a real estate company.


So lets break down the conference day-by-day, for those who aren’t familiar … in 2014, Gen Blue took us to Hollywood, Dolby Theatre, and Universal Studios + CityWalk


“Day One: Opening Night” at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

We were greeted by Jane Lynch, Budge Huskey, Mike Fischer, David Marine, David Siroty, Sean Blankenship, and Lindsay Listanski – and many other greats, rocked the stage at the Dolby Theatre. It was awesome, inspirational, fun, and there were introductions to all the marketing tools coming to us as Coldwell Banker agents and recent company features added. All to the tunes of the amazing DJ Mary Mac – who kept the party rolling opening night and at our closing.

Photos by Linda Aaron: “Grab the Lockbox – with Jane Lynch” (a variation of her famous “Hollywood Game Night”) – Yep, that’s us on stage. I dove for the lockbox, we don’t mess around. I asked Jane to hold my leg for my backstage picture. And on the topic of transforming, Jane even announced our health accomplishment – very cool. 


“Day Two and Three (all-day): Learning Sessions” at the CityWalk Movie Theater – comfortable, cool, and easy location

Here’s a picture from one of our awesome panels we heard from. Look at these folks. Some of the smartest in our industry. All in one place. Transforming into smarter agents!


CityWalk Theater at Universal Studios: Classes, learning, panels, inspiration and all in the comfort of an awesome theater.

So if you’re saying, “Well Heather, I saw a ton of photos online, and it appears you were just having fun.” You bet I did, because: 1. We are fun by choice and deliberately in our actions 2. We love learning. We love being around smart people. It gets us fired up. 3. We’re in Hollywood and we got to go on stage with Jane Lynch. (no joke).

And really, do you want to work with a smart person that’s upbeat during a stressful transaction that loves what they do, or do you want a sour apple? (I’ll let you decide your flavor to savor).

Most of the time, Steve Ostrom and I were sitting in class learning from some of the best speakers in the world, meeting and listening to motivational people, and also hearing from some of the best agents in our industry. We often appear like we’re having fun, because we are … we love what we do, we love who we work for … It was also fun to brainstorm with other agents on how they problem solve. We must keep “transforming” in positive ways.


I also had the great honor to participate as a panelist at #GenBlue. Wow, how cool is that and I was in great company. It was such a thrill and honor to participate. I have now spoken on numerous panels, and that’s another part of the positive “transformation,” sharing with others to improve our industry.


I was small potatoes compared to the cool and professional speakers that were there. Steve Pacinelli was there, the genius of Linda Aaron from CB Bain in Seattle, the awesome Sean Carpenter of CB King Thompson, the Seattle Divas – Chavi and Kim both spoke, Matthew Ferrara, Zan Monroe, Tom Ferry, Michael Ackerman, Matt Case, Ashley Houseman, Sharon Steele, Christophe Choo, and many more. The awesome Lindsay Listanski spoke her social media genius, David Marine was magic on the mic and his wicked sense of humor was weaved throughout the conference. I also can’t forget the awesome Mike Fischer, Budge Huskey, Sean Blankenship, Jason Pantana, and all the other blue folks in front and behind the scenes – making it happen, making it beautiful, educational, and memorable. There were folks from all over the world. It was amazing.

This conference was inspirational, educational, and I met so many cool new agents from across the world. My mind is on fire and my soul is inspired.


At the Dolby Theatre: waiting for the magic to begin with the Social Squad


“Day Three (Closing Party): Universal Studios – the park went CB Blue – just for Coldwell Banker Agents

This was a blast. What a special way for Coldwell Banker to say “thank you” back to us, as hard-working agents. We went on the Mummy ride at least four times (consecutively), we went on the Transformers (see how I got that in there again), and we mingled with the Minons on the Despicable Me ride. Such a great night!


So if you’re one of those Coldwell Banker agents that regrets not going? Good, never forget, you’re worth re-investing in … it’s never easy to leave town, but you’re investing in yourself and your clients. Never stop being willing to “transform” into something better. Don’t be complacent with “okay” shoot for “great.”

The location was phenomenal, the opening night at the Dolby Theatre was insane, awesome, and cool (all at once), and the closing night party at Universal Studios was a blast. Quality, learning, fun, and inspiration.


So let me tell you why it’s important for us and for you as a buyer or seller.

Continued positive “transformation” as agents. Simply put, we’re continuing our education. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, and transforming. We love being the best we can be, as it’s important to us. We strive to be the best for our clients and also to stay educated on techniques from other leaders in our company and industry.

This week we had a great honor of learning and having some fun. We work long hard hours and truly try to be full-service, and the “extra-mile type” REALTORs for our clients.

Thank you Coldwell Banker for being such an awesome company and brand behind your agents and being an active part in our “transformation.”


And these folks made it all the more special, the Coldwell Banker #GenBlue Social Squad.

These are the magic social media worker, busy bees behind the scenes. They’re amazing friends and all talented individuals. I’m proud to know and I know they were part of the equation of making this a better time in person, and online for others at the event.

Next time agents, don’t miss #GenBlue – Learn More Here


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  • Renee

    What a fantastic piece! Thank you, Heather, for writing this and sharing your experience to inspire others. I believe you truly captured the spirit and intent of Gen Blue. Congratulations on ALL of your successes! I hope our paths cross again soon.

    • @disqus_unUEfX3vsa:disqus you have made my day. Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment. Steve O and I had THE best time. That was by far our favorite conference in a long time. I hope we get to share some laughs again in the future 🙂 You were amazing on stage. Dang, you sure have an amazing voice. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. ~ Heather Ostrom

  • Such a cool recap. Thanks for even mentioning my name with all the other awesome presenters. You and Steve epitomize the Gen Blue Nation. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the world and making our company and industry a better place.

    • @SeanCarp:disqus we adore you and think so highly of you. You’re so loved in our real estate world and everyone should be so lucky to cross your path and hear your wise words. Continued success to you … the Ostrom family thinks so highly of you, and so does just about everyone. If you could be a fly on the wall, you would be smiling non-stop. 🙂 Thanks for making Ohio shine CB Blue brightly.