The Difference between Dual Agency and a Contingent Sale

Contingent contingency of purchase dual agency

What we’re familiar with in our industry, and what our clients are familiar with, are often two separate items … and there’s a lot of confusion with knowing the difference between a “contingent sale” and “dual agency.” We have had more contingent sales this year (2013), more than we have had in our entire career. And apologies for my horrible imitation of Flavor Flav. My first video take was SO good and funny, but sadly, content won over best imitation. But back to topic …

So what cued this topic – this conversation:

Phone call: “Hi Heather, I have this friend that wants to sell their home, and buy a bigger one, but I know it’s probably not okay for you to work on a contingent sale.” Me: “Wait, what? Why do you say that …” After a few more questions, I asked … “Do you mean ‘dual agency?'” Friend: “Oh yeah, that’s it … dual agency. Sorry about that …” 🙂

After the third time of having one of our friends being confused on what the two are, I thought it was a blog post that was in order to be “vlogged.” (video blogged).

So here we are … if you’re considering moving up to a bigger home, you have equity in your home and you want to test the waters … give us a call. You might be surprised what your options are … there’s no doubt to be stress with timing of sales. Anyone that says otherwise, is blowing smoke in your face. BUT having stated, that you really do want to work with the same person for your listing, and purchase of your home. The less “cooks” in the kitchen, the less opportunity for confusion. All of course, within reason, and what works best for your interests. It’s all about good communication, trust, and coordination between all parties. The more we work like a team, the better chance for a smooth transition from one home to the next.

Watch the video and see our tips for what the difference is in contingent sales, and also the tricks to improving your “contingent” purchase experience!

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