2016 Real Estate Market Predictions – Roseville + Rocklin, CA

First thing we need to do, is thank our friends and family for an amazing 2015. You are the reason we continue in this business. Thank you for your support and referrals. There’s no greater honor, than to be trusted with your business. So on to the show … what you’re all waiting for …… Read More

Dear Buyer – Don’t Give Up

Cue the Kenny Rogers tune … Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.  So there are times as a buyer, when you should “fold ’em and walk away” from a home. You’re in escrow / contract and purchasing a home, but are feeling a tingling urge to walk away from the deal. A… Read More

The Closing Process in Placer County

The process for a home closing in Placer County Every area has their own procedure with home sales, regarding signings at title (or via notary) and the closing process. This is one of the most confusing topic for buyers and sellers. Below, we’re addressing sales specifically in Placer County, CA. “All-cash” deals will have their own (quicker) timeline, and maybe… Read More

Black Widows, Buzzing Wasps, and Beetles – OH MY!

So perhaps you’re considering regular pest service … or maybe you just need one-shot to get rid of wasps. Black widows are another item we see often in our area. They’re the shiny, eight-legged vampires of the night – you won’t always see them during the day, but look out once the sun is down. Okay, I know… Read More

Sellers: How Should I Prepare for a Pest Inspection?

Californians: so your property just went into escrow and your inspection period has started. Sellers are you ready? Is your home ready? Do you know what’s going to happen? If you watch the video below, you’ll be thanking us, I promise. It’s a great prep tool for sellers preparing for a pest or WDO inspection… Read More

What should you do with your pets at an open house?

“We’re hosting an open house, what do we do with the pets?” Great question, and something we’re often asked and it’s a stressful one often for the homeowner. Not only do you have the upkeep of the home for showings to buyers, the property showing schedule, but you may also have a confused pet in… Read More

The Importance of Great Photos for Seller Marketing

So you’re starting to research selling your home. Where do you start? There’s so much to consider when hiring a listing agent.  Typically, one of the first questions we’re asked is, “What is your past and recent work experience?” A great question, and that way you know the listing agent is well-versed, current to real… Read More

Helpful Tips for Researching your new Neighborhood and Home

So maybe you’re getting ready to start researching the internet for your dream home. Perhaps you’re a first-time home buyer, it won’t be your “forever” home, but you know what you need to do, to get there … or maybe you’re a move-up buyer, looking to purchase a larger space (where you might have to list your… Read More

New Jumbo Loan Options + Will Interest Rates Go Up

Well, some folks just write or film about items they have just “heard about” … let us tell you, we have experienced this first hand with Brian Skarg. So know this isn’t just lip service, these items about these jumbo loan options are the real deal. We try to keep these videos short and sweet,… Read More

If You Are Going to Go-Go on Vacation – When You’re in Escrow

Vacation is all you ever wanted …Vacation sometimes happens when your home is in escrow. Vacations don’t always happen at the best time … same with job trips and conferences. So if you’re selling your home or buying your next home and you have to leave town, it’s best to inform everyone involved in the buying and… Read More