If You Are Going to Go-Go on Vacation – When You’re in Escrow


Vacation is all you ever wanted …Vacation sometimes happens when your home is in escrow. Vacations don’t always happen at the best time … same with job trips and conferences. So if you’re selling your home or buying your next home and you have to leave town, it’s best to inform everyone involved in the buying and… Read More

Agent Quest Podcast Interview: Conversations that Matter

YouTube Channel Teri Conrad heather ostrom Conversations that Matter

Hello, this is Heather Ostrom. I specifically handle the marketing for our real estate team, both online, social media, and printed media, as well as handle much of our e-communications online. Our real estate and community website, we try to provide a specific value for folks we work for and also educating buyers and sellers,… Read More

A “People Driven” Real Estate Market

2014 a people driven real estate market

How’s the Market Steve O? A question we’re used to hearing and love to answer for our clients, friends, and family. In past years, we saw a real estate market largely influenced by banks with the foreclosures (also know as a REO or REPO) and short sales. Now we’re seeing more homes with sellers that have equity in their home, and we talk… Read More

Videos Helping Relocation Buyers Find the Right Home


Our team works frequently with relocation buyers and sellers.  Sometimes it’s a job relocation, and sometimes it’s a military relocation, we are always so grateful to help anyway we can. (Thank you to all the armed forces members for serving our country). What’s the big deal and why is it so cool that Broker Associate, Desiree Pointer creates narrated videos for her clients that are out of the area? If a home is priced right and will sell quickly, and/or you are simply limited to coming into town for a few days, or even a week, you won’t have to just rely on Metrolist photos to give you a sense of the house and yard, or even google maps (which are often outdated). So don’t take our word for it – listen to our buyer Luke Howe and… Read More

The Different Flavors of Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance with Ryan Nordby in Roseville

What is mortgage insurance and what are your options? Definition from Wikipedia: Mortgage Insurance (also known as mortgage guarantee and home-loan insurance) is an insurance policy which compensates lenders or investors for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan. Mortgage insurance can be either public or private depending upon the insurer. The policy… Read More

Buying a Home after a Short Sale or Foreclosure

Dara Delgado Senior Loan Officer Sacramento

So maybe you had a short sale a few years back … or perhaps experienced a foreclosure, but time has passed and you’re ready to be a home owner again (or not). Nothing wrong with being a home owner or renter, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with, but we are seeing a surge of requests from folks… Read More

Need to Sell before Buying? Understanding a Contingent Purchase

Contingent Sales Roseville Rocklin

So you’ve been tossing around the idea of buying a bigger home … maybe you have outgrown your home, and now you have a bit of equity in the home … or perhaps now that you have some equity in the home, you want to downsize in preparation for the future. Or you’re ready to… Read More

The Difference between Dual Agency and a Contingent Sale

Contingent contingency of purchase dual agency

What we’re familiar with in our industry, and what our clients are familiar with, are often two separate items … and there’s a lot of confusion with knowing the difference between a “contingent sale” and “dual agency.” We have had more contingent sales this year (2013), more than we have had in our entire career…. Read More

2013 Social Media Squad – Coldwell Banker

GenBlue Social Media Squad Coldwell Banker 2013

How Has Attending the #GenBlue Conference Improved Us? #GenBlue is the Coldwell Banker Annual International Conference. For the past three years, Steve and I both have attended the conferences. Gen Blue offers classes for self-improvement and inspiration to improve anyone who is part of the Coldwell Banker brand – both for elevating our online and… Read More

View Past Property Tax Bill – Placer County

How do I View a Past Tax Bill in Placer County

Thinking of moving to Placer County, California? Or may you’re just relocating within Placer County … We’re often asked about taxes for a property they’re interested in buying and the breakdown of those taxes. We can help you find the info and answers to your questions! And when in doubt, ALWAYS contact the Placer County Tax… Read More

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