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We always encourage you to do your own research or ask others for recommendations for any vendor or contractor, but if you are looking for a name to interview for the job of your appraisal job, check Ryan out. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and one of the top appraisers in the area (in our opinion). You won’t find someone more knowledgeable and someone more pleasant to work with (and trustworthy). Can you tell Steve O and I like him a bit? And I’m confident, you will too …

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So what is an Appraisal when in the context of a transaction between buyer and seller and why is it important (my explanation is generic for comprehension – we can explain in more detail in person). So an appraisal, is something you need to be thinking about if you accept an offer that includes a loan. This important part of the transaction is, to put it in very simple terms, lending-side hired third-party (the appraiser) to establish the value of the home and the party that gathers facts, contract info, and comps for the home to determine if “the home is indeed worth X amount of dollars” (or more or less). Meaning the home is worth the amount you offered.

This appraisal report created to establish the value of the home, can either say “yes” this home is worth this much and this loan is good to move forward on for the buyer OR not … Where the problem can come in (but not always), if the appraiser determines the home is not worth the amount on the contract, that will mean the bank isn’t okay lending that “x” amount based on what you offered. If it comes in higher, no harm no foul and is the same as if the loan came in at value – bonus to the buyer. But having stated all of that, even when the appraiser comes in higher, the bank will still be reviewing all data and comps to cross-verify all data is deemed accurate and appropriate. Buyers and sellers are often oblivious to the layers of review that occur and can often create delays in final approval of a loan and appraisal. All important factors to consider too, when considering contingency periods, which is another topic. Very popular is to see 10 day inspection periods and sometimes loan and appraisal. Keep lines of communication open with your lender and agent. Knowledge is power and can better prepare you with knowing how the process “can” work … as each transaction is unique.

FYI, Sellers nor listing agent are not usually privee to this information of appraisal** unless there’s an issue with the appraisal coming in lower than offered by the buyer. By removing the appraisal contingency, that states there was no issue with the appraisal.

Why is this important? Well it means either the deal will be renegotiated (which seller doesn’t have to agree to), and/or the buyer comes out of pocket for the difference.

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Ryan Lundquist
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