Finding the APN in Placer County

We’re often asked about taxes for a property they’re interested in buying and the breakdown of those taxes.

Don’t fret, we can help you find the info and answers to your questions! And remember, when in doubt, ALWAYS contact the Placer County Tax Collectors Office at 530-889-4120
You always want the direct source information on such important data. A real estate agent should not and cannot relay this information for risk of information changing (and beyond their control)

This post is applicable to only Placer County in California


To Retrieve a Property’s Tax Bill – You’ll be visiting TWO different Websites

  • PART 1: Have the Property Address and Figure out the APN (The APN is Assessor Parcel Number)
  • PART 2: To Plug in the APN to get the Tax Bill


PART #1 – Retrieve Property APN

The APN is also often on the MLS / Metrolist Sheet Print-Outs that Your Real Estate Agent has Provided to You (four sets of three numbers: 000-123-123-123). If you don’t have this … here’s how to retrieve an APN for a property you’re interested in … BUT, if you don’t have the APN already for the Property Address …

Visit the Placer County APN Map Search Site: and plug in the property address for your property and hit “search” … and then copy and paste the APN from the search results

APN - Placer County - Assessor Parcel Number
Type in the Property Address, Hit “Search,” and then Grab the APN

PART #2 – Plug APN on the Placer County Tax Collector Site

Click Here to visit the Placer County Tax Collector Site and Plug in the APN #. I’ll do Screen Grabs to Walk You Through the Steps.

Placer County APN Tax Roll Search Treasury - Part 2, Step 1
PART 2: Step 1 – Plug in the APN you have from the map site and hit “SUBMIT”
Placer County APN Tax Roll Search Treasury - Part 2, Step 2
PART 2: Step 2 – Click the Dark Green Hyperlinked APN Text Under “Asmt”
Placer County APN Tax Roll Search Treasury
PART 2: Step 3 – Click “View Tax Bill” and PDF will be downloaded to your Computer
Voila, you’re done and you should have your Tax Bill PDF downloaded. If you’re still having problems, post a comment below or shoot me an email and we’ll help you out.
We hope you appreciated this helpful tip.
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