8300, 8308, 8316 Cortina Cir, Roseville

Unknown if anyone has ever even lived in these homes. Many still have the builder touches from when they were first built. Great kitchen set-up in homes with granite counters, tile floors and gas burner. Great room concept. Property is part of a large bankruptcy out of area. There will be delays in response times with these homes.

These homes are all easy to show, but we must state, this is *NOT* for the impatient buyer or someone who is looking to move-in or rent within the next 30-45 days, as the process involved with these homes will require time and patience – but we feel they are worth the wait.  It could be 6-8 weeks on response and another 8 weeks or more for escrow.

Have your buyers’ agent see and read all attachments we have on the Metrolist regarding each property.

Property is part of a large bankruptcy out of area. EXPECT delayed response to all offers and a long escrow. Bankruptcy file involves 8300, 8308, 8316 and they do have multiple offers + still accepting offers. Properties have been on market since Jan ’12.

Possible response in Dec ’12 or January ’13 – we don’t know for certain.

**Court date set for mid-November and one is in late December** – we don’t know how this will come into play with responses, just providing all information we possess as we do receive a high-volume of inquiries on these properties and we’re doing our best to be open, honest, and forth-right about the situation at hand.


Three properties apply to this Bankruptcy file that we have as active listings – 8300, 8308, 8316 Cortina Roseville 95678

8300 Cortina Cir Roseville, CA 95678-2938 • Listing Price: $182,333 • MLS# 12006329 • Active Court Appr. 01/27/12

8308 Cortina Cir Roseville, CA 95678-2938 Listing Price: $168,888 • MLS# 12006367 • Active Court Appr. 01/27/12

8316 Cortina Cir Roseville, CA 95678-2938 •  Listing Price: $164,966 • MLS# 12006377 • Active Court Appr. 01/27/12