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How Has Attending the #GenBlue Conference Improved Us?

#GenBlue is the Coldwell Banker Annual International Conference. For the past three years, Steve and I both have attended the conferences. Gen Blue offers classes for self-improvement and inspiration to improve anyone who is part of the Coldwell Banker brand – both for elevating our online and offline skills.

Attending these Coldwell Banker #GenBlue conferences has changed Steve and I in so many positive ways in relationships, work habits and tools, and personal improvement. I have met so many talented individuals across the country who have forever changed me – sharing tips and also putting me in touch with solutions that I may not have found on my own.


Networking, Classes, Amazing Speakers, Inspirational Classes, and One-On-One Opportunities

Talk / writing is cheap, without proof, right? You’re probably saying, “Hey Heather, give me direct evidence for improved behaviors and some feedback on the conference.”
Fair enough (bare with me as I talk about myself in third person). 😉

  • First and foremost, videos. I learned what techniques to improve our videos. “Slow pans” … dynamic backgrounds, changing your setting for videos, while realizing the importance of “audio.” I learned from other agents their own person tricks in video editing.
  • Second, online toolsStephanie Hahn was an amazing past speaker at Gen Blue. She fueled me to explore Google Tools more and how insanely amazing all the options are …. I now use the G-Cal and attachments like an online ninja and my clients love it.
  • Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher – A CB speaker staple and never ceases to be awesome. I learned about online and offline behaviors and how he conducts his business (he’s fantastic). I also learned that Jeremy Blanton can take pics and post them very fast (inside joke) and post them to Matthew’s FB wall and how we started our friendship. :-) Not to mention, Matthew was part of one of the most epic moments of conference history witnessed – Ferrara vs. Mike Ferry in 2011. Steve O and I STILL talk about this event.
  • I also learned and got to know Debra Trappen and Linda Aaron better and learned all of their SwissArmyKnife tricks for better interaction online and improved visuals online. Loved it. Such happy energy and the crowd dialogue was intoxicating with the Q&A that was initiated.
  • The main stage speakers – inspiration for the soul and mind. Always a “wow” factor every year of someone from outside of real estate and also some of the best in our business. Sometimes it’s best to get our heads out of the industry frame of mind, to open to new ideas of improvement.
  • Finally, and definitely not least – the final party is ALWAYS amazing. Sure, it may sound immature to rank a party amongst the reasons, but I definitely made new friends from dancing and going around introducing myself to new agents. I also have earned quite a few referrals because people remembered me. How awesome is that?
  • Direct from the Source: I learned how to better use the amazing tool of CBWorks – the undiscovered gem of educational videos, logos, and templates. Also some of the nerdiest of nerds (written with the highest affection), that told us how to leverage the free info to do our market updates.

Online and Offline Agent Improvements

Whether you’re a broker, manager, marketing bossy pants, or an agent in the field … the Conference is not just about online items – it’s about the entire package of being a real estate agent in the current age.

Year-after-year, Coldwell Banker continues to set-up a FRESH and NEW schedule for their agents and brokers, BUT also in the education straight from the agent’s mouth. I gain so much from the Q and A’s that happen from the audience, as well as the agent panels, and speakers. Interactions are always dynamic and passionate.

The variety of courses are going to address all different types of agents because we all work differently. The beauty of variety – each agent is a different puzzle piece solution to another client. That means a lot to me. I have always thought of Coldwell Banker to be a respectful group of agents, highest of caliber and quality, and knowledgeable agents. I’m proud to be #GenBlue.

So if You’re Coming to the Conference, I’m very tall (6ft) and I love orange – please come up and say “hi” and I look forward to meeting and sharing with you! I’m proud to be #GenBlue

Come Say “Hi” to the GenBlue Social Squad!

The Social Media Squad is a special group of of Coldwell Banker folks who will be sharing the exciting moments of the #GenBlue conference in New York – agents, brokers, and marketing managers from around the country online. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this group. View the Entire Social Media #GenBlue Coldwell Banker Squad Here.

2013 Gen Blue GenBlue Social Squad - Coldwell Banker NYC

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